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Member Dossier - Kids class interview

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As an instructor I do not get many chances to get direct feedback from students without pulling them off to the side during a class. I decided instead to interview my students to see how well they felt they were progressing. Below is a short interview from my student A.S

Did you want to try Martial Arts before your parents suggested it? If so why?

-no, because I did not know about it. I tried gymnastics and soccer because I liked being active. I stopped doing soccer and tried jiu jitsu then decided just to do jiu jitsu. I quit gymnastics because the coaches where bad.



What where your first impressions of Jiu Jitsu Class?

-I thought it was amazing, I thought I would have a lot of friends doing it. I learned a lot right away and it was fun to be active in that type of class.



Has your progress inspired you in any way?

-it inspired me when I got my grey and black belt to be the best I could. I feel more confident as a person



Do you feel you are doing better in school because of jiu jitsu?

-yes because it gets school stuff off my mind and gives me room to clear my head so I can study more for tests.



Do you feel you could handle a bullying situation better now that you train Jiu JItsu?

-yes because I feel like I could handle the situation. Jiu jitsu allows me to get a lot of anger and frustration out so I have a clear head if something bad where to happen (so I don’t kill them)



What would you say to a new student trying out Jiu Jitsu for the first time?

-Its ok if you don’t beat everyone just try your best and have fun. Try not to run around in the first part of class and listen to the coach. And I promise to give everyone a piggy back ride if they want it.


What surprised me most about this feedback was that a child liked being able to get out their daily frustrations in a constructive way. Often times I see my students start the class antsy and not being able to focus but by the end of class they are locked into a live match and will not get distracted by anything around them. This I believe is from the fustration of being a kid and having to deal with school and life. As adults we sometimes think that we are the only ones who have a legitimate reason for having a bad day. But, if we can show kids how to develop a growth mindset then they will find productive ways to overcome their daily frustrations.



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