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How Martial Arts Benefits Kids Beyond Traditional Sports

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How Martial Arts Benefits Kids Beyond Traditional Sports

Every parent knows that kids need plenty of physical activity in order to be healthy and establish good habits that will last a lifetime. There are of course traditional team sports like baseball, football, and soccer, while those have their merits, martial arts offer so many other benefits that these sports cannot. 


Unleashing The Inner Superhero:

First off martial arts are cool. It won’t take much to convince your child to at least give it a try, just have them watch any action movie and they’ll be ready to go! From Bruce Lee to Power Rangers to Marvel movies one thing that stands the test of time is that martial arts are really cool. Growing up is hard and kids can often feel awkward or left out, but every kid feels confident and special when they’re wearing a Gi or boxing gloves.


Safety First:

Another important benefit martial arts offers that traditional sports do not, is the aspect of self-defense. From school bullies to more dangerous scenarios Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling teach children to use leverage and angles to defend themselves against a much larger attacker. These maneuvers could potentially save their lives. Before you get too concerned let it be stated that it is a myth that martial arts encourage violent behavior. In fact rolling and punching lets kids work out frustration or anger, while practicing self-control. Our coaches continually reinforce that fighting is a last resort and if they are using moves outside of class disciplinary actions are taken to help kids understand when these moves should and should not be used. 


R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me:

Martial arts programs provide structure and instill respect both on and off the mat. Our coaches have clear rules and constantly reinforce them. Coaches emphasize self-control and concentration. Attention is central to martial arts. Kids have to stay focused to learn and do the movements. When a child’s focus drifts, coaches will have them reset and prepare for what’s next. Any negative or distracting behavior is not tolerated in class and there are consequences to students who break these rules. 

The structure comes from our coaches following a deliberate schedule of movements and positions that are broken down into manageable chunks. A technique in Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, or boxing can have dozens of different movements. But we have kids learn gradually, repeating and adding steps as they go. They learn to anticipate which step comes next. And eventually, they put everything together into fluid movements.This helps develop coordination. Doing martial arts movements can help kids get a better understanding for their body in space. This is especially beneficial for kids who struggle with motor skills. It also helps kids understand the power of the mind over the body.


Putting The “I” in Team

Last, but certainly not least, martial arts focuses on individual growth within a group. Especially in today’s society many kids struggle with the pressure of competing with other kids, but in martial arts, the focus is on self-improvement while still being in a supportive social environment. There’s no “letting down the team.” In Jiu Jitsu, kids work at their own pace. They earn a different colored belt every time they reach a new skill level. This can boost self-esteem and keep them motivated.

In conclusion, martial arts programs like boxing, wrestling, and Jiu-Jitsu offer a slew of benefits that something like baseball or soccer cannot. Beyond growing physically your child will grow mentally and emotionally with our supportive coaches, controlled environment, and structured lesson plans. Call/text us at (615)297-4430 or visit our website at  https://nashvillemma.com/ to set up your child with a free trial class today!

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